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I've opened up a threadless artist stop! in 2019 i will be adding AND updating older designs in monthly batches before i start working on newsies

a few cool new things about this shop: i have way more control over pricing - i can do things like hold my own sales so look forward to those - i get a considerably bigger cut of the sales profits on my design products vs the service i used previously, every design has ITS ACTUAL OWN PAGE where you can access all its products rather than having to awkwardly bunch every single individual product together, and UI seems a lot easier to maintain so far

  • software: Inkscape

the first four

pekabo girafs

a design from all the way back in... . 2015. I revisited it after learning some cool tricks - path unions/exclusions/etc - and made one lone giraffe into a pattern of long necks. what are they up to?! planning something

lotus eye

2017, gift for a friend. had this printed as a sticker for her new school tablet : o
concept from A. Sileas --- reference image

neon candles

digital graphic representation of fluorescent light emulation of natural light

fruit salad (yummy yummy)

an image appeared to me in a dream: it was the words "FRUIT SALAD" on a giant lightbulb sign with the colors of the American flag. here is that image

even more @abeeshop.threadless

software: Inkscape --- i'm on Threadless @ALexiBee


  1. 01/04/19 grand opening: Threadless artist shop
  2. 12/25/18 SUNSET SAM
  3. 12/17/18 2hot4Tumblr (nsfw)
  4. 12/06/18 Draw A Ghost

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