what's a zine?


all that to say:
zines are what you make them, friends

information tucked-up in a neat little parcel, ready to share & distribute

i’ve found zines to be a fun way to feature my artwork, ideas, designs, thoughts, feeeelings, and so on! a wise & playful professor in our art education program demonstrated how a certain level of constraint - like a template - can be just what one needs to get creativity flowing; fussy fussters like me thrive on structure ysee... heh.. PLUS there’s something especially fulfilling about having a little book you made to show-off n hand-out : @ )

or hide around town > : 3

you can make a zine!
from one (1) sheet of printer paper

zines by A.B.(ee)
(that's me)

>> follow this guide <<
>> to fold a zine <<

>> follow this guide <<
>> to fold a zine <<

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