song remix

song: Cruisin', artist: Michael Nesmith, album: Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma --- i'm on YouTube @icksel!

I know, i know, vaporwave is so much more than just slowed-down versions of retro songs, but like this is my foray into the genre, i really wanted to try something new and have fun

this got cookin when i read an article "Michael Nesmith Loves Vaporwave" - do a search and you'll find several - so i thought "uhhhhh h h well has anyone made anything from his stuff?" and besides this cool digital collage i found zilch. is there more out there?! probably, i've really only touched the surface of this genre's pond so please lmk, send an email, leave some links in the guestbook, gimme the deets. Michael if you or the Videoranch team is reading this please know i made all this out of appreciation and am in no way monetizing this content. also, huge fan

the original song is called Cruisin', one of my absolute faves, featured in the comedy/music film Elephant Parts. Nez's production company even has the parts uploaded to their youtube channel; required viewing imho. Cruisin's tempo already sounds wild enough but stretched out 50% it's something else. other stuff: added some echo in parts + a little repetition in the middle

Cruisin', Elephant Parts, Michael Nesmith's Videoranch, YouTube

software, linked below

  • audio mix: Audacity
  • (thumbnail) image collage: Inkscape
  • image "glitch" edit: PHOTOMOSH
  • video edit: VideoPad
  • gif edit: GIMP

a multimedia project...


digital collage, Inkscape
i'm on Tumblr @ALexiBeeArt

i'm on SoundCloud @A tunesy Bee


song remix

image edits, stills of (ass huge) animated "glitches", used in remix video

circle, star, glasses, globe

animated GIFs made from collage, feel free to use w/credit


  1. 12/25/18 SUNSET SAM
  2. 12/17/18 2hot4Tumblr (nsfw)
  3. 12/06/18 Draw A Ghost

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