: )

hey what's up, did you find a lil book tucked-away somewhere? did a lady hand you some paper which you browsed to find a website??*
anyways congratulations on not putting it right into the recycling bin thank you very much

you have a zine. in fact, you have my zine!


*or you just followed a link on my site / the world wide web, who can say

what's a zine?

zines are what you make them

Art, information, stories, pictures, text, any or all of the above tucked-up in a neat little parcel, ready to share & distribute.

I’ve found zines to be a fun way to organize my creative projects to show friends and the wider world. A wise & playful professor in my art education program demonstrated how a certain level of constraint - like a template - can be just what one needs to get creativity flowing; fussy fussters like me thrive on structure. PLUS! There’s something especially fulfilling about holding a little book you made in your hot little hands :-}

or hide around town >:3