all about me


* please only read if you are nice and think i'm cool *
* ! if you're mean and do not think i am cool turn away now ! *

name Alexis "A" Bee
race halfling tiefling fairy goblin
class bard by day, rogue at night, berserker on the weekends
alignment chaotic good*

*neutral if you're nasty
description purely etherial, non-physical cloud of cosmic dust with one head, at least two arms, blue hair, blonde eyes, shimmering lovely wings that are also glittery and change colors in the moonlight, a long and beautiful tail*, dresses in all neon clothing that glows in a blacklight which looks really cool but makes sneaking around in the club very tricky (worth it), talks in barely a whisper unless i have something important to say**

*note: please compliment me on my tail
**note: i never have anything important to say
strengths tying knots, untying knots, re-tying knots
weakenesses swords, axes, being killed or attacked with swords or axes
likes having a nice time, fun activities, pondering my orb
dislikes being killed or attacked with swords or axes
special skills super speed, super need(y), bumblebee husbandry
quirks just a rascally devil through and through
🛇 do NOT interact 🛇 fart heads, dinguses, hamblecramps, cramdonkos, goomboos, trapezoidal rhomboids, J*mes Fr*nco
diagnoses generalized anxiety, localized anxiety, gas, restful leg syndrome, arthritis, arthleftis, chronic lazy gizzard disorder, allergic to shellfish bones, dirt belly, canine hip dysplasia, and, of course, puff knuckle
name and contact info of my arch-nemesis ██████ ████████
█████ ██████████ ████
███████, █████, ██
(█████) ██-████
my deepest darkest secret I do not like bananas the texture is yucky pretty please do not tell anyone or use this against me it is a secret
loot dropped on defeat hair ties, hair clips, loose hair, an empty color-coded pill organizer, a half-eaten breakfast sandwich, a velvet satchel of various crumbs, one rainbow shoelace that looks like it's seen some shit
pin # 8008135