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Hey yall I wanna talk about YOUTUBERS.

Content Creators, if you will; a much kinder and accurate term, I reckon, especially since a lot of them either got their start elsewhere or have since branched-out. Or are just people making videos about their occupations, their passions and uploading them. They make content for us. They're experts, they're learners, they're both at the same time. They put in the work--research, filming, documenting, production, editing--to make the good stuff. Gosh, remember when a YouTube video had a firm limit of ten minutes, and rarely would one ever even come close to that? Now we have people like Philosophy Tube, ContraPoints, Baumgartner Restoration, spending MONTHS making a single 45min, one hour, TWO HOURS PLUS (looking at you, Sarah Z) video about a topic they just legitimately want to showcase to the world.

I don't know about you but I definitely spend more time watching YT than I do any streaming service. I can find longform essays about video games released 10+ years ago, or straight-up playthrough footage from a brand spanking new title. I can see artists in their studios struggling happily through a passion project, or just some goofy idea they thought was funny (looking at you, Simone Giertz).

YouTube as a platform isn't perfect, that's for sure. Here in the Web 2.0, for better or worse, the apps we frequent are what we + the algorithm make them, but I think I've curated a list of really cool content creators who are uploading some really cool stuff.

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I could definitely make another post like this about podcasts because they keep me company on walks and during long shifts at work. Slapping a sticky note onto the side of my brain for later.

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