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"Adult content", tumblr.zendesk --- "2Hot4Tumblr", alexibeeart.tumblr

"female-presnting nipples," is the most hilarious series of words. an absolute earworm. thank you

typography is fun! i'm fairly new to the form, so far i'm having a good ol time. I try to keep color palettes reduced, purposeful. always open to concrit -- artspeak for constructive critism, aka it better be helpful or keep it to yourself Mabel

  • i use an open-source vector program called Inkscape
  • there are also dark neutral, dark color, light neutral, & light color versions, all with their own background/transparent states
  • Society6 is a print-on-demand service i upload my art to so that yall can patronize it (me). 2hot4Tumblr looks great on tshirts in particular imo! in the process of changing print services, bear with
software: Inkscape --- i'm on Tumblr @ALexiBeeArt


  1. 12/17/18 2hot4Tumblr (nsfw)
  2. 12/06/18 Draw A Ghost

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